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"As the ongoing budget standoff in Springfield slowly moves toward a year of financial gridlock, state legislators from DuPage County and state Comptroller Leslie Geissler Munger said they are frustrated yet hopeful..." Read the full story here from Suburban Life.
The Chicago Tribune and the Daily Herald  have editorialized that legislation sponsored repeatedly in the House by Rep. Ives would provide much needed sunlight in the public contract process by making sure local taxpayers can review public employee contracts they'll be on the hook to pay for before the contracts are approved.

"...Here's a novel idea: Draw up the contract, dot the i's and cross the t's, then release it to the public before voting. State Rep. Jeanne Ives, R-Wheaton, has been trying for several years to make that the law..."  Read the Tribune editorial here.

"...All this reinforces the need for legislation filed four years ago -- but stalled in committee -- by Republican state Rep. Jeanne Ives of Wheaton that would give the public time to review public employee contracts and contracts of highly paid public officials before they are approved."  Read the Daily Herald editorial here.
Local Residents will have an opportunity this month to learn more about Illinois finances and the state budget stalemate at a special Budget Town Hall hosted by State Representative Jeanne Ives that will feature State Comptroller Leslie Geissler Munger.

Representative Ives’ Budget Town Hall will be held on Tuesday, April 26th from 7:00pm to 9:00pm in room 411 of Goodwin Hall on the Benedictine University Campus located at 5700 College Road in Lisle. Representative Ives and Comptroller Munger will both provide updates on the budget, and will take questions from those in attendance.

“We’re in our tenth month without an adopted state budget. Local taxpayers have a right to know what’s going on, and to be able to ask questions and to let us know how they’re being impacted. That’s the purpose of this town hall, and we’re very fortunate to be getting an update directly from Comptroller Munger. No one has a better understanding of our day-to-day financial situation,” Representative Ives said. “I hope everyone with concerns or questions will join us on the 26th.”

Representative Ives stressed that the Budget Town Hall is open to the public and no registration or RSVP is required.

For more information, contact Representative Ives’ office at 630.384.1108.
L to R: Paola Ramos, Keenan Suacillo, Alyna Wilson and Rep. Ives
Representative Ives was proud to help cheer-on a high school management team from the culinary program at Technology Center of DuPage to an impressive 3rd Place finish in the Restaurant Concept Design Competition at the 2016 Illinois ProStart Student Invitational.

Each team developed a restaurant concept from scratch, developed a business proposal, then, after weeks of fine-tuning, pitched their plan to a panel of industry professionals. Their presentations included the rationale for the concept, menu, target market and promotional strategy.
Representative Jeanne Ives offered the following response to today's State of the State Address:

"Like Governor Rauner, I arrived in Springfield to find serious challenges waiting. The test has been
whether we answer them in a serious way, without trying to buy time, or to sidestep obvious problems that need to be dealt with right away. Putting off problems is certainly not what I had in mind in seeking this office. I think Governor Rauner would say the same of the position he holds. No one ever said this would be easy.

In my district, almost everyone I talk to eventually leans in and confesses their “Exit Strategy” – their plan for moving out of Illinois.

These are people who have built businesses, raised families, paid taxes, invested time and talent in charitable organizations, given back in their communities – and we’re losing them. After 40 years of bad public policy, political corruption and bureaucratic mismanagement, the state has made it too hard for them to stay. To me, this is unacceptable.

Governor Rauner went to Springfield to turn that around. No one ever said that 40 years of bad decisions could be easily undone in 12 months.

Representative Jeanne Ives was proud to present the West Chicago Community High School Theatre with an Illinois House Resolution honoring them for being selected to represent the United States in the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in Scotland in 2016, the world’s largest performing arts festival.
The theme of the 2015-2016 West Chicago Community High School Theatre season is "Character Counts". They were nominated for the strength of their productions and history of public service for such programs as Adopt-a-Sailor, Toys for Tots, Broadway Cares, and more. 
The West Chicago Community High School Theatre is led by director Mark Begovich.