Rep. Jeanne Ives Fights for Taxpayers and Job Creators through Online Petition

sign-petition-copy.jpgState Rep. Jeanne Ives (R-Wheaton) is joining House Republican leader Jim Durkin (R-Western Springs) and all other members of the House Republican caucus in fighting against a Democrat initiative to permanently extend an income tax hike that is set to expire at the end of this year.

“With 570,000 Illinoisans out of work right now, we need to be focusing on policy that creates jobs, improves our economy and makes Illinois a business-friendly state,” said Ives. “Instead, Democrats are engaging in a full assault on taxpayers and job creators by breaking promises and pushing for more new taxes.”

On January 11, 2011, Illinois Democrats raised taxes by 67% during a lame duck session of the General Assembly. At the time, the measure was sold as a temporary measure that would be used to pay down Illinois bills and get the state’s economy back on track. The measure is set to expire on December 31 of this year. “The money that has come in from that stealth tax increase has been squandered and today, three years later, we still have $7 billion in unpaid bills,” said Ives. “The economy remains sluggish, and we have the second-highest unemployment rate in the nation at 8.7%.”

Ives is inviting all Illinoisans to join her in the fight against higher taxes by signing an online petition that objects to the effort to make the 2011 income tax hike permanent. The petition can be found at

Editorial: Hiding in Plain Sight

head_shot.jpgMayor Rahm Emanuel’s partial city pension overhaul passed in the General Assembly on Tuesday. The bill that passed merely scratches at the surface of the problem. In October 2013,Barron’s shed some light on the severity of Chicago’s pension problem in an article that ranked the 20 most populous cities in the US based on their debt as a percentage of government revenue.  Detroit, currently bankrupt, ranked 12th at 372 percent.  Chicago, ranked 20th – last place, at 683 percent.

The article exposes that it would require ALL of Chicago’s government revenue for the next seven years to finally pay off the city’s debt and unfunded liabilities for worker pensions and healthcare. 

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Rep. Ives: Chicago Pension Fix "Not Commensurate with the Scope of the Problem"

On Tuesday the Illinois House approved House Bill 1922, a measure that addresses pensions for the City of Chicago's municipal employees and laborers. Rep. Ives voted against the bill, and said that while she was glad to see a good start at addressing the issue, the proposed legislation was not commensurate with the scope of the problem.

View her testimony on the House floor here.

Editorial: Law Needed to Stop Unionization of Student Athletes on Scholarships

head_shot.jpgRecently, National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) issued a ruling that granted Northwestern football players the right to unionize. The decision is a bomb to the heart of college football's amateurism rules, and could lead to significant change to college athletics in general.

Northwestern University and the NCAA have strongly opposed the concept of a players' union, arguing that college football players are primarily students, not employees.

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