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Today State Representative Jeanne Ives called for an investigation by the Illinois Department of Revenue (IDOR) of all 102 counties to determine their compliance with state property tax assessment and valuation laws.  

Her request was made amidst an ongoing debate over how more than $6.7 billion in state tax dollars will be distributed to K-12 schools.  Community property wealth is the predominant variable used to determine how much money each school receives from Springfield. Poorer districts get more, wealthier districts get less.

Property valuations are conducted by Illinois townships and counties and governed by state statute to ensure all taxpayers are treated uniformly and fairly.
LISLE – State Representatives Jeanne Ives (R-Wheaton) and Grant Wehrli (R-Naperville) along with State Senator Michael Connelly (R-Naperville) will host a Town Hall Meeting on the status of the controversial education funding reform bill, Senate Bill 1, and what is at stake for local taxpayers and school districts at 9:30am on Saturday, August 12 at Benedictine University’s Goodwin Business Building's Hall of Leaders (4th Floor), located at 5700 College Road in Lisle.

The Illinois General Assembly is expected to return to session in Springfield as early as August 14 to deliberate upon the Governor’s partial veto of Senate Bill 1.

“Senate Bill 1 is not about improving education and outcomes in Chicago, or any school in Illinois for that matter,” Representative Ives said. “It is a bailout for CPS’ pension debt. The new money for CPS under Senate Bill 1 would go to service their pensions and debt, NOT into the classroom. It is clear to everyone that CPS has been grossly mismanaged for decades, and now they want Illinois taxpayers to foot the bill. DuPage County families and taxpayers need to know how this impacts them and have their voice heard in this process.” 
Those of us here in Illinois are expected to have a phenomenal view of the solar eclipse that will take place on August 21! Don’t miss this opportunity to view one of nature’s most spectacular occurrences with your family and friends.  

Here’s the roundup of everything you need to know about the solar eclipse and how to view it safely:

Chicago Tribune “Proximity to total solar eclipse prompts flurry of events in Chicago area”

WLS AM 890 News “Illinois health experts warn of unsafe solar eclipse viewing”

Chicago Magazine “Should You Go to Southern Illinois to See the Total Solar Eclipse?”

Also, the Illinois Optometric Association has provided a few tips for safe viewing:

·         Get centered and enjoy the view. Within the path of totality, you can safely witness the two or more minutes when the moon completely covers the sun with the naked eye. Otherwise, your eyes should always be protected by verified viewing tools. Never look directly at the sun without eye protection, even briefly. Visit to access eclipse duration charts.

·         Know your duration. Outside the path of totality, always use solar filters. The only safe way to look directly at the uneclipsed or partially eclipsed sun is through special-purpose solar filters or other ISO-certified filters, such as “eclipse glasses” or handheld solar viewers.

·         Be aware of harmful solar exposure. If you stare at the sun without protection, you may experience damage to your retina (the tissue at the back of your eye) called “solar retinopathy.” This damage can occur without any sensation of pain, since the retina does not have pain receptors. The injury can be temporary or permanent. Visit your local doctor of optometry immediately if an accident occurs.

·         Visit your doctor of optometry. Check in with your optometrist for information about safely viewing the eclipse. If you experience any problems with your eyes or vision after the eclipse, an optometrist will be able to provide you with the medical care you need.

You can access additional information and educational materials on the solar eclipse by visiting

The Illinois House of Representatives is back in Springfield for special session today, as Democrats are expected to finally send the controversial education funding bill (Senate Bill 1) to the Governor’s desk, after sitting on it since May 31.

This article explains why Chicago politicians are hijacking the school funding bill to give property-wealthy Chicago more money. The Chicago Public Schools (CPS) is broke and it is getting worse, not better. CPS has been mismanaged for decades. Senate Bill 1 bails them out. The article linked above explains how CPS taxpayers are getting taken to the cleaners. 

We should all be concerned for another reason. Check out this headline from the Illinois News Network: Education funding bill sets up another tax increase, lawmaker warns. You can click that headline to read the article, or click HERE. The last thing Illinois families need is yet another tax increase.

Here is another good article, where the author rightly calls out the need for school choice legislation, an issue I have championed and led on since I first came to Springfield in 2013. The author outlines two guiding principles: “First, make sure taxpayer money is focused on what’s best for students, not institutions. Second, liberate families by providing equal access to quality education.” We should all be able to get behind those principles.
A 32% Tax Hike wasn't enough, now the Democrats’ school funding formula will take that increase and send it to Chicago.

I have been involved with the school funding discussions since I arrived in Springfield 5 years ago. I led the fight against SB16 in 2014 and against subsequent bills which looked to nearly eliminate state funding from suburban districts.

I have been on three different education task forces.  Unfortunately, I was not appointed to the task force that proposed the evidenced based model being debated now.  I am certain this was done intentionally knowing I would never agree to this type of funding model and would have vigorously questioned every aspect of the formula as I have already done in committee.  Even Republicans were looking to pass "evidenced based" funding which I find concerning.
Rep. Jeanne Ives
WHEATON – Today, State Representative Jeanne Ives (R-Wheaton) called on Governor Rauner to veto SB1-- a bill that would reroute state school funds to pay down Chicago Public Schools’ massive debt, resulting in higher suburban property taxes -- as soon as it hits his desk. 

Ives stated, “This bill would enshrine into state law that suburban taxpayers bail out corrupt and mismanaged Chicago Public Schools (CPS) over the next generation.”

CPS holds $17,000,000,000+ in debt.

“They are a bloated, corrupt and mismanaged organization,” Ives said of CPS. “After CPS intentionally skipped pension payments for 10 years, it now owes $10 billion to current and future retirees. CPS has more than $7 billion in other debt at “junk” interest rates.”

Put in perspective, CPS has more than three times its total annual budget in debt.  It owes three times as much as the state will spend on public schools for all districts this year.