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On May 20, State Representative Jeanne Ives was a guest on CNBC's "Squawk of the Street" news program, where she discussed the gridlock in Springfield and the lack of progress toward fixing the State's financial crisis. You can watch a video of her interview here.
State Representative Jeanne Ives was recently interviewed by a national on-line education news source about her role in addressing malfeasance and financial mismanagement at the College of DuPage. “Inside Higher Ed” is an independent journalism organization that publishes news and opinions of interest on topics affecting higher education in the United States. You can read the article, which was published on May 19, here.

In a unanimous showing of support for the taxpayers who fund the College of DuPage, members of the House of Representatives approved a resolution on Thursday that will launch a thorough performance audit of the college.

HR55, Sponsored by State Representative Jeanne Ives, was filed in response to the decision by the COD board to provide outgoing College President Dr. Robert Breuder with a $763,000 severance package in exchange for his early departure as College President. Through the language in HR55, the COD will assume the costs associated with a detailed audit the covers the following:
  • The College of DuPage’s sources of revenues
  • College expenditures, by category
  • Whether the Board is carrying out its responsibilities required by Board policy
  • Whether the Board is meeting its fiduciary responsibilities and ensuring compliance with the Public Community College Act and Board Policies
  • Whether the compensation and severance packages provided to the COD president are comparable to compensation and severance packages provided to Presidents of other Illinois Community Colleges
  • Whether changes to the College President’s compensation package were property approved
An amendment approved prior to the final vote expanded the scope of the audit to include the COD Foundation’s actions in the investigation.

“The majority of the trustees were making some very bad decisions at the expense of the taxpayers who support the College of DuPage,” said Ives. “With the recent election, we now have several concerned taxpayers serving as COD trustees, and they are committed to unearthing the extent of the malfeasance and taking steps to prevent these types of problems from occurring in the future. I expect they will cooperate fully with the investigation.”

In addition to the lucrative contract buyout for Breuder, the media also uncovered information that showed that trustees, administrators and Breuder had enjoyed close to $200,000 in high end dining at the on-campus restaurant, and also spent more than $250,000 on a public relations blitz in the wake of the negative media coverage.

“When the COD trustees made that sweetheart deal with Dr. Breuder, they triggered a public outcry over the manner in which they were making decisions with taxpayer resources,” Ives said. “This detailed and comprehensive audit is an appropriate legislative response to what appears to be a long list of unethical decisions by that board. I look forward to reading the Auditor General’s final report.”
This week State Representative Jeanne Ives sat down with Eddie Arruza of Chicago Tonight to discuss the May 8 Illinois Supreme Court Ruling that the 2013 pension reform law approved by the General Assembly was unconstitutional. You can watch Representative Ives' interview here.

On May 11, State Representative Jeanne Ives joined area legislators at one of The Illinois Department of Transportation and Illinois Capital Development Board series of listening sessions. These sessions aim to to discuss and seek input on the state’s infrastructure needs. At the conclusion of these meetings, Governor Rauner will be presented with a comprehensive package of recommendations.
As House Democrats last week undermined the legislative committee process by bringing a spending bill and several amendments directly to the House floor for votes, State Representative Jeanne Ives railed on the majority party for accusing Republicans of not prioritizing funding for programs that assist Illinois' vulnerable citizens.

As rank and file Democrats this week turned the House Chamber into a political theatre and showed they have no interest the turning the state's finances around, State Rep. Jeanne Ives (R-Wheaton) urged Democrats to take responsibility for their votes in previous years.