State Representative Jeanne Ives (R-Wheaton) appeared on the National Fox News program “Fox & Friends,” this morning, where she spoke in detail about her opposition to a recent University of Illinois decision to rehire a known terrorist and murderer.

James Kilgore was originally hired by the University of Illinois in 2011, when he was two years out of prison for his involvement in a 1975 bank robbery in which a woman was killed. The robbery occurred while Kilgore was a member of the Symbionese Liberation Army, a left-wing radical militant group that considered itself a revolutionary vanguard army.

When the University learned of his criminal background he was dismissed, but a University Committee recently reversed course on the dismissal, clearing the way for him to be rehired as an adjunct professor. You may view the Ives interview on Fox & Friends here.

SB16 is a bill that represents a drastic re-write of the Education Funding Formula that is used for the distribution of General State Aid (GSA) to Illinois' school districts. As written, it strips millions from DuPage and other Collar County School Districts.

Tomorrow (Nov. 18) at 3:00 PM you can watch the hearing live on your computer. Use the link below to watch the proceedings.

Senate Bill 16 Subject Matter Hearing

If you would like to file a witness slip in opposition to the bill, please click here and follow these simple instructions:

1. Complete section I. For “Firm/Business or Agency,” enter “taxpayer” or “school district taxpayer” or some other identifying words

2. Under section II, put “taxpayer” or “parent” or some other identifying words

3. Under “III Position,” select the “opposed” button

4. Under “IV Testimony,” click the “Record of Appearance Only” button

5. Fill in the verification code

6. Click the box to accept the terms

7. Click “Create Slip”