Live Stream Link for November 18 Hearing on SB16

SB16 is a bill that represents a drastic re-write of the Education Funding Formula that is used for the distribution of General State Aid (GSA) to Illinois' school districts. As written, it strips millions from DuPage and other Collar County School Districts.

Tomorrow (Nov. 18) at 3:00 PM you can watch the hearing live on your computer. Use the link below to watch the proceedings.

Senate Bill 16 Subject Matter Hearing

If you would like to file a witness slip in opposition to the bill, please click here and follow these simple instructions:

1. Complete section I. For “Firm/Business or Agency,” enter “taxpayer” or “school district taxpayer” or some other identifying words

2. Under section II, put “taxpayer” or “parent” or some other identifying words

3. Under “III Position,” select the “opposed” button

4. Under “IV Testimony,” click the “Record of Appearance Only” button

5. Fill in the verification code

6. Click the box to accept the terms

7. Click “Create Slip”

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