Tribune and Daily Herald agree: Ives Legislation Would Provide "Sunlight" in Taxpayer-Funded Contracts

The Chicago Tribune and the Daily Herald  have editorialized that legislation sponsored repeatedly in the House by Rep. Ives would provide much needed sunlight in the public contract process by making sure local taxpayers can review public employee contracts they'll be on the hook to pay for before the contracts are approved.

"...Here's a novel idea: Draw up the contract, dot the i's and cross the t's, then release it to the public before voting. State Rep. Jeanne Ives, R-Wheaton, has been trying for several years to make that the law..."  Read the Tribune editorial here.

"...All this reinforces the need for legislation filed four years ago -- but stalled in committee -- by Republican state Rep. Jeanne Ives of Wheaton that would give the public time to review public employee contracts and contracts of highly paid public officials before they are approved."  Read the Daily Herald editorial here.