Ives Statement on Madigan's Budget: No Happy Ending to this Fairy Tale

"In 1812, Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm first published their collection of stories known as the Grimm’s Fairy Tales. Most of their stories began with “Once Upon a Time” and ended with 'Happily Ever After.'

In 2016 Speaker Madigan published his Fairy Tale in a budget bill. It doesn’t end happily ever after. It ends as a horror story where taxpayers are destroyed. There’s no fair maiden locked in a room spinning straw into gold.

This is just the latest chapter in the story where the Democrats pass a budget out of balance and at the last minute. It’s been happening for 15 years now. And they never get tired of hearing the story again. But taxpayers are tired of paying for their forays into fairyland.

Instead of his promised 'compromise,' instead of working together for the people of Illinois, Speaker Madigan proposed the largest unbalanced budget in state history.

This state has failed to reform in anyway its past practices. We have not earned the right to demand more money from hardworking families and businesses – certainly not 47 percent more.

The bill passed by Democrats was a $40.4 billion spending plan with revenue of only 32.8 billion expected. It would require the largest tax increase in the history of Illinois – a 47 percent increase in the personal tax rate to 5.5% from 3.75%. And, after the abysmal failure of the 2011 tax increase, we all know how badly this story ends."   - Rep. Jeanne Ives