Rep. Ives discusses the state budget (lack thereof), school funding and more on Against The Current with  Dan Proft and Chicago Tribune Editorial Board member Kristen McQueary. Watch here.
"Thank you Sauk Valley News for highlighting my bill that would let taxpayers see these contracts before a vote is taken. I especially want to thank your editor, Larry Lough, who testified on the need for my bill in 2014. I have ran this bill for four years in a row and each year the Democrats killed it in committee even after amending the bill at their chairperson's suggestion." - Rep. Jeanne Ives

From the Sauk Valley News:

"...We renew our call for the Illinois General Assembly to approve legislation, along the lines of a bill backed by state Rep. Jeanne Ives, R-Wheaton, in 2014, that would require newly negotiated contracts between public employee unions and public-sector employers to be posted online for at least 14 days before any action is taken." Read more here.
"Thank you Illinois Policy for highlighting my bill and helping with it in committee, unfortunately to no avail. Perhaps after the debacle of the Palatine D15 contract, this bill will get some attention and passage." -  Rep. Jeanne Ives

From the Illinois Policy Institute:

"As students around the state break for summer, many local school districts are wrapping up new contract negotiations with teacher unions. And with that comes the secrecy that shrouds those negotiations. But that secrecy could be averted by legislation requiring transparent negotiations between school districts and teachers’ unions..."  Read more here.
From the Daily Herald:

"...Rauner's office says he's reviewing a plan that would give local elected officials access to records about closed sessions that happened before their tenures.

"The movement to greater transparency and certainly access by elected officials to important information will continue as voters and taxpayers look to hold their elected officials accountable for a myriad of decisions," Ives said at the U-46 board meeting on Monday night."

Read the rest here in the Daily Herald.
From the Chicago Tribune:

"If a delay is genuinely necessary and not a stalling tactic, why were Mautino's attorneys so late in requesting it?"

"..Twenty-one Republicans signed a letter June 2 urging Mautino to take an unpaid leave of absence from the auditor general's office 'until the various federal and state investigations into your past financial conduct are concluded.'..State Rep. Jeanne Ives, R-Wheaton, went a step further and called for his resignation." 

Read the full editorial from the Chicago Tribune here.
Statement of State Representative Jeanne Ives:

"In the wake of the confirmation of a federal investigation into financial wrongdoing by Frank Mautino, I once again call on the Illinois Auditor General to resign immediately.   Should he fail to do so, the Illinois General Assembly who hired Mautino, should fire him. Yesterday’s call by Democrat State Senator Laura Murphy for Frank Mautino to take a leave of absence is an inadequate response given the importance of his position as the financial watchdog for taxpayers.  Asking him to step aside for 2 or 3 years ignores the preponderance of evidence pointing to violations of campaign finance laws.

In a state known for corruption and two of the last three past governors jailed, taxpayers deserve nothing short of a full resignation by Mr. Mautino immediately."