Sauk Valley News calls for consideration of transparency legislation "along the lines of a bill backed by State Rep. Jeanne Ives"

"Thank you Sauk Valley News for highlighting my bill that would let taxpayers see these contracts before a vote is taken. I especially want to thank your editor, Larry Lough, who testified on the need for my bill in 2014. I have ran this bill for four years in a row and each year the Democrats killed it in committee even after amending the bill at their chairperson's suggestion." - Rep. Jeanne Ives

From the Sauk Valley News:

"...We renew our call for the Illinois General Assembly to approve legislation, along the lines of a bill backed by state Rep. Jeanne Ives, R-Wheaton, in 2014, that would require newly negotiated contracts between public employee unions and public-sector employers to be posted online for at least 14 days before any action is taken." Read more here.