This week Illinois Auditor General Frank Mautino refused to comply with the State Board of Elections’ deadline to amend campaign reports and clarify questionable campaign expenditures.  His failure to provide this information after receiving multiple time extensions to gather the details is further evidence that he should be removed for cause. State Representative Jeanne Ives stressed again today that it is time for the General Assembly to move forward with his removal from office.

“For months the General Assembly and now the State Board of Elections have demanded answers, but Auditor General Mautino has continually refused,” said Rep. Ives (R-Wheaton). “The Auditor General is essentially the taxpayers’ top financial watchdog in Springfield.  If Auditor General Mautino won’t provide answers to inquiries about his own finances, and he won’t resign, then it’s time to remove him from office. Taxpayers must have confidence that their Auditor General has followed the law and has the utmost integrity. Additionally, Mr. Mautino must step down as he clearly has a conflict of interest as his responsibilities as Auditor General require him to investigate a state agency that is now investigating him.  Only in Illinois would this situation not call for a universal bipartisan call for him to step aside immediately.”
Today Rep. Ives and a group of fellow House Republicans filed HJR 158, a joint resolution that removes Frank Mautino from the office of Illinois Auditor General.

"We deserve an Auditor General beyond reproach and with the highest ethical standards," Rep. Ives stressed at a Chicago press conference. “Frank Mautino cannot effectively do his job as Auditor General while defending himself against potential criminal charges and a State Election Board investigation. If he will not do the right thing on his own and step aside, we have a responsibility as the people’s elected representatives to hold him accountable.”

Auditor General Frank Mautino has for months been under both state and federal investigations and has repeatedly refused  to answer questions.