In the News: Stopgap budget passage was a major compromise, Rep. Ives says

By Claudia Balthazar
DuPage Policy Journal

Rep. Jeanne Ives
Following the passage of the stopgap budget this summer, Rep. Jeanne Ives (R-Wheaton) said it was a major compromise but the positive side is the funding for education, given that this is the most money ever spent on K-12 education in the state of Illinois.

“It’s a total of $11.1 billion,” Ives said. “That’s just over a billion more than we had in FY16, all going for K through 12. So he (Gov. Bruce Rauner) added additional funds even above what he wanted for education.”

Politicians fought for months to pass a comprehensive budget that would at least allow Illinois schools to open up in time for the fall. After long deliberation, they came up with this temporary agreement that would also continue funding for prisons and disabled programs through January...

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