Rep. Ives Weekly Recap - 9/2/16

Thank you to all the families who came out to participate in our annual Kids’ Health & Fitness Boot Camp at Cantigny Park in Wheaton. We all had fun despite the rain! Special thanks to our partners; the Illinois National Guard, FTX Crossfit and Chick-fil-A for helping make this year’s event a success.

Rep. Ives: Keeping You Informed

“Illinois Workforce Shrinks by 33,600 in July” Illinois Policy Institute: July marked the third consecutive month in 2016 in which the Illinois labor force shrank, according to a preliminary jobs report from the Illinois Department of Employment Security, or IDES… read the full story here

“Munger calls for no-budget-no-paycheck bill to rein in lawmakers” Illinois News Network: Illinois’ comptroller said Wednesday that if lawmakers don’t pass a budget, they shouldn’t get a paycheck. Comptroller Leslie Munger said earlier this year that she would put lawmakers’ pay at the back of the line of unpaid bills. The rhetoric heated up recently when State Rep. Robert Martwick (D-Dist. 19) said delaying lawmakers’ pay is extortion… read the full story here

“Rep. McSweeney: Illinois Needs Property Tax Relief Now” Northwest Herald: Illinois property taxes are too high and unfortunately they are only getting higher. Taxpayers are frustrated and angry with the status quo and they want a change. There is very good reason for the frustration about property taxes here in Illinois. The Land of Lincoln, after all, is home to the second highest property taxes in the nation – second only to the state of New Jersey… read the full story here

“Editorial: Property Tax Fairness Takes Another Hit” Chicago Sun-Times Editorial Board: When you get walloped by a big hike in your property taxes, as most Chicago homeowners are right now, it helps to take comfort in the thought that at least you are not all alone – everybody is taking a hit… read the full story here

Rauner calls on voters to demand redistricting, term-limits action in Assembly” Illinois News Network: Gov. Bruce Rauner is telling Illinoisans statewide not to accept the political class’s refusal to take up popular initiatives such as term limits and redistricting reform.… read the full story here

“When dust settles, who will come through for Illinois?” Chicago Sun-Times Editorial Board: Here’s a scary number for you: In the last 16 years, Illinois has lost 35 percent of its manufacturing jobs. That’s about 304,000 jobs, more than the population of any city in the state other than Chicago… read the full story here

“Understanding the Stalled Contract Negotiations Between the State and AFSCME” Illinois Policy Institute: Tension between Gov. Bruce Rauner and the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees will heat up again soon. AFSCME and the state have been without a contract for over a year… read the full story here

Jeanne Ives’ Originals

Thank you to the Stonehedge Community Homeowners Association in Wheaton for inviting me to speak at their recent meeting about the rising cost of property taxes and the many variables that affect property tax rates. Property tax reform and providing real relief to homeowners is among my top priorities as your State Representative. I am happy to speak to any other homeowners group in the 42nd District about this issue if you would like to invite me to an upcoming meeting. Please call my District Office at (630) 384-1108 to schedule a time.

Hot Issue: Election Day Voter Registration

“War on Taxpayers: Illinois’ Rigged Elections” Illinois Opportunity Project: In 2014, Illinois Democrats, led by Mike Madigan and an outgoing Governor Pat Quinn, enacted (on a straight party-line vote) a system for Election Day voter registration exclusively designed to increase the number of Democrat voters. The scheme requires the twenty Illinois counties with 100,000 or more residents to offer Election Day voter registration at all polling places. However, the law does not require the eighty-two counties with less than 100,000 residents to offer Election Day voter registration at all polling places – making it more difficult for people to register and vote in some areas of the state than in others… read the full story here

Hot Issue: Illinois Voter Information Hacked

“Illinois Online Voter Registration Hack Becomes National News” Illinois Review Voting information on up to 200,000 Illinois voters was stolen online by hackers during a two-week break-in that Illinois Board of Elections' technicians discovered in July. The hacking, reported as a backpage story in Illinois back in July, became front-page news nationally this week when the FBI sent out a warning to all state election boards with information with which to check their systems… read the full story here

Special Recognition: Wheaton North High School

Wheaton North High School makes “Newsweek” list of top high schools nationwide. The public schools were ranked on the basis of state testing performance, graduation rates, college readiness, college preparation, and the student body’s household income as measured by the percentage of students from a background of poverty.

Wheaton North High School ranked #13 in Illinois! Congratulations to the students, faculty, staff, administration and parents of Wheaton North on this outstanding accomplishment!

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