Lame Duck Session Alert: Bills to Watch Today

Lame Duck Session: Bills To Watch

The Illinois House of Representatives returns to Springfield today for a two-day “lame duck” session. Lame ducks are legislators who are retiring at the end of this term, which expires this week on Wednesday, January 11. Of the 16 lame ducks, three have resigned their seats early, meaning they are no longer eligible to vote on legislation.

Several important bills are on the calendar for this week’s lame duck session, scheduled to begin at 12:00pm today. You can watch the House session LIVE by clicking HERE, selecting “01-09-2017 House Floor Debate” and entering password “99thgeneral”. 

Here are four of the most important bills you may want to keep an eye on:

HB 4013 – Taxpayer Funded Abortion
Would remove all bans on using taxpayer funding for abortion for basically any reason throughout all nine months of pregnancy under Medicaid; and would remove the ban on state employees’ insurance policies paying for abortions.

SB 1824 – Mandatory Sentencing Guideline for Firearm Offenses
Would establish mandatory minimum sentencing guidelines for those convicted of one or more firearm offenses.

SB 1919 – Property Tax Freeze
A property tax freeze proposal that fails to include any underlying reforms to mitigate the impact on local governments

SB 2901 – House Democrat Workers Comp Reform Proposal
Would make minor, insignificant changes to the workers compensation system in Illinois