Rep. Ives Week in Review - 2/6/17

Week in Review
State Rep. Jeanne Ives
February 6, 2017

I was pleased to speak at a press conference at the State of Illinois Building in Chicago
on January 31 to unveil a state budget proposal with the Illinois Policy Institute. 

Rep. Ives Unveils State Budget Plan with IPI

I joined Illinois Policy Institute CEO John Tillman to unveil a state budget proposal in Chicago last Tuesday. This plan would balance the state budget without tax increases, reform pensions in a way that complies with the Illinois Constitution, and offers property tax relief to struggling homeowners in Illinois. The plan closes Illinois’ $7.1 billion budget deficit by enacting very specific spending reforms and calls for other changes to state government that will put Illinois on a better economic path going forward. 

You can watch the full press conference by clicking HERE and clicking on “Rep. Jeanne Ives propose Illinois budget reform package”.   

Rep. Ives: Keeping You Informed

Conservative Policy Group Pitches State Budget Plan With No Tax Hike” CBS 2 Chicago: A conservative lobbying group has outlined a plan for ending the state’s budget standoff without a major income tax increase. The Illinois Policy Institute’s budget plan would move all new employees and as many current workers as it can persuade into a 401(k)-style retirement plan, instead of defined pensionsread the full story here

Commentary: Senate tax hike is a raw deal for Illinoisans” By Rep. Jeanne Ives, as published in the Chicago Tribune:  Sick of the status quo, Illinoisans are leaving our state in record numbers. But politicians continue to peddle the same old snake oil. The reasons for the exodus aren't a mystery. Public polling shows the No. 1 reason Illinoisans want out is high taxes. So what's the response from the Illinois Senate? Raise taxes again, forcing the families that stay in our state to pay more for the sins of the political class. It's insanity. Illinoisans deserve better.

Illinois Held Hostage to a ‘Grand Bargain’” By Rep. Jeanne Ives, as published in the Madison-St. Clair Record: No one should be surprised that group-think instead of rational choices surround the 13 interconnected bills of the “Grand Bargain.” It is wholly predictable given the longevity of the Senate leaders involved. They’ve been working together for nearly 2 decades. They put in place many of the policies that are now taking a toll on our state. They are the beneficiaries of generous pensions when they retire, excessive pay for their part-time jobs, and the public attention and stature of the positions they hold. What’s new now is the heat is on…read the full story here

Rep. Ives’ New District Phone Number

I have switched to a new District phone number, 630-384-9719. This new phone number will enable constituents to have increased connectivity with me, including the ability to text me. Texting will allow you to voice your support or opposition to legislation and other policy issues, or simply to ask me a question. Please make a note of this new phone number, 630-384-9719. I look forward to hearing from you and continuing to serve you and your family during this historic 100th General Assembly, which coincides with Illinois’ upcoming Bicentennial Celebration in 2018.

Share Your Feedback: Ives 2017 Constituent Survey

It is vitally important for me to receive input from constituents like you. Your feedback helps me to know where residents of our district stand on a wide range of policy questions of concern to Illinois families and taxpayers. For that reason, I have posted a 2017 Survey on my website, Please take a few moments at your convenience to complete the survey and share your questions and comments directly with me.

All of the issues covered in the survey have been considered by the state legislature in the past; and are likely to be again in 2017. To take my survey, please click HERE. Thank you in advance for your feedback. It is sincerely appreciated.  

New Committee Assignments
Committee Assignments for the 100th General Assembly were announced last week. In addition to serving as the Minority Spokesperson the House Committees on Government Transparency, Labor & Commerce, and Mass Transit, I have been appointed to serve as a member on the following committees:

Elementary & Secondary Education – Appropriations
Elementary & Secondary Education: Licensing, Administration & Oversight
Community College Access & Affordability
Government Consolidation & Modernization
Health Care Licenses
Personnel & Pensions

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