Fake Property Tax Reform

This is a Must Read.

This article gets this political pandering bill exactly right. Political gimmick. We need real property tax reform, not carve outs for special groups of people. This bill would allow wealthy veterans with homes worth $750,000 to receive tax breaks – shifting the levy onto poorer middle-income families and businesses. None of these breaks are "means tested" – a progressive "Holy Grail." Glad I voted NO - the only one to do so in the House. Other Republicans spoke against the bill, but voted for it – afraid of political mail pieces. This is entirely what is wrong in Springfield. Meanwhile the sponsors will pander in the next election that they passed a property tax reform bill, but the sponsor admitted on the House floor that the bill does not freeze taxes or ensure they will be lower.

Low-income seniors need real and substantial relief from property tax burdens – so does everyone else.  Veterans - and I am a veteran, as is my husband and we have two children on Active Duty – already have enough of a tax break on taxes in Illinois – and they are not means tested.

You may view my exchange with the sponsor here:  

Here's what the Illinois Manufacturers Association (IMA) a business group said about it: "While residents will receive a break, this will shift their tax burden to commercial and industrial taxpayers resulting in a nearly 2 percent hike in property tax bills for employers." You can read more at this link:  http://ima-net.org/springfield-highlights-april-7-2017/

It is a shift in burden - not a freeze or hard cap in property taxes.

From the IPI article linked below, Carol Portman, President of Illinois Taxpayer Federation, says this: “Essentially, it’s a shift of tax burden from one group onto another, and not necessarily a tax decrease, even for homeowners. The other exemptions will require additional tax rate increases, and the higher rates will hit all property owners, whether eligible for exemptions or not.”

Fake Property Tax Relief: 3 Reasons HB 156 Fails Taxpayers” Illinois Policy Institute:  Despite being sold as property tax “relief,” new legislation in Springfield would only shift property tax burdens on to certain taxpayers, while complicating an already confusing property tax system.read the full story here

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