Session Alert – Watch Illinois House Session LIVE

State Rep. Jeanne Ives
April 27, 2017

WATCH LIVE: Illinois House Session

To say this week’s legislative session has been a disappointment thus far would be an understatement; unless you support taxpayer-funded abortion, regulating more aspects of the private-sector economy, passing more unfunded mandates on schools, or further undermining the men and women of Illinois’ business community. All the while, still no discernible progress toward a state budget.  If a Hollywood screenwriter wrote a script about real-life inside the Illinois Capitol, it would be an embarrassing farce.

While I wish I had better news to share, it is my responsibility to keep you informed about what’s happening in Springfield and how I’m voting. Please scroll below for more updates on specific issues.

The Illinois House of Representatives is back in session today. You can watch LIVE by clicking HERE and entering password “3rdreadingdeadline”. Session is scheduled to begin at 10:30am. 

This Week’s Bill Activity (so far)

House Bill 40 – Removes all bans on using taxpayer funding for abortion for basically any reason throughout all nine months of pregnancy under Medicaid; and would remove the ban on state employees’ insurance policies paying for abortions. I voted NO.

House Bill 2624 – Creates a new layer of bureaucracy called the Health Insurance Rate Review Board to further regulate another segment of the private-sector economy, demonstrating yet again the prevailing mentality in Springfield that nothing should be out of our realm to regulate. State government can't even responsibly manage itself, yet on bill after bill we are forced to vote on legislation that tells employers and job creators that we know better than they do how to run their business. I voted NO.

House Bill 2462 – Another day, another bill to make things tougher on the men and women who create jobs in Illinois, this one under the guise of pay equity. HB 2462 would make it illegal for employers to seek the salary history of a job applicant. Illinois lost 8,900 jobs last month alone. We have fewer people working today in Illinois than in the year 2000. Enough is enough with the endless attacks on job creators coming out of Springfield. I voted NO.

House Bill 2369 – Requires all Illinois public and charter schools to provide “reasonable accommodations” for lactating student mothers. By this they mean time and a private space for students to breastfeed children in school. I voted NO.

Rep. Ives: Keeping You Informed

BLS Jobs Report Shows Weak Economy in Illinois, Recovery in Neighboring States” Illinois Policy Institute: Illinois lost 8,900 jobs in March and still has fewer jobs than in the year 2000, while businesses are creating more opportunities in neighboring states. A new economic release from the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that surrounding states continue to outpace Illinois on the road to economic recovery and prosperity… read the full story here

House Dems Vote to Expand Taxpayer-Funded Abortions” Illinois News Network: Illinois House Democrats on Tuesday passed legislation that would expand taxpayer-funded abortions in the state. With no Republicans voting yes, Illinois representatives passed House Bill 40, 62-55, to allow state employee insurance and Medicaid to cover abortion procedures… read the full story here

Myth on Top of Myth: Illinois’ Bill Backlog and the Temporary Tax Increase” WirePoints:  If only Illinois had extended the temporary income tax increase we’d be in good shape. It pretty much took care of the state’s backlog of unpaid bills, but we let it expire so the backlog is up to almost $13 billion. That’s a common narrative repeated time after time in similar forms by many Illinois politicians and journalists. It’s wrong…read the full story here

Illinois Lawmakers Passed 938 Bills That Became Law From 2015-2017 – Just 3% had a Price Tag” Illinois Policy Institute:  Illinois lawmakers vote on bills without fully understanding how the legislation will affect the state’s finances. That goes a long way toward explaining the state’s more than $12.5 billion in backlogged bills, $130 billion in unfunded state pension liabilities, and $8 billion in deficit spending…read the full story here

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