May 15 Session Alert – Update from Springfield

State Rep. Jeanne Ives
May 15, 2017

TOP STORY: Illinois’ Business Climate is Hostile, and it’s Getting Personal

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“Charleston legislator targeted by vandalism; union connection suspectedEast Central Reporter: Rep. Reggie Phillips (R-Charleston) is offering a $25,000 reward for information leading to the capture of vandals who raided one of his senior-assisted living construction work sites and damaged valuable equipment. Authorities are still investigating the incident, which Phillips told the East Central Reporter took place in late April… read the full story here

Update from Springfield

The clock is ticking. We are 16 days until the deadline to pass a state budget on May 31. If we go beyond May 31 yet again without a state budget, the threshold to pass anything goes from a simple majority of 60 votes in the House up to a three-fifths majority of 71 votes. This higher standard would require bipartisan agreement on spending levels, priorities and reforms; consensus which currently does not exist, making it much more difficult to pass a budget after May 31.

The frustrating part is, no progress is being made. The House of Representatives has not even taken the first step in the budget process, which is to adopt a revenue estimate. It is common sense that you cannot determine how much you are going to spend — and on which priorities — until you know how much revenue you actually have. Illinois families and taxpayers understand this principle; and until two years ago, the state did too. House Committees continue to meet daily on other legislation, but we’re not spending our time where we should be – on cobbling together a comprehensive budget and ending the nearly two-year long impasse. Time is quickly running out.

I will update you again later this week as session continues at the Capitol.  The Illinois House of Representatives is back in session this afternoon. You can watch LIVE by clicking HERE and entering password “subjectmatter”.

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