Special Session Alert – Update from Springfield

Day 1 of Special Session Underway

The Illinois House of Representatives returned to Springfield today for Day 1 of a 10-day special session called by a Proclamation from Governor Bruce Rauner for the purpose of passing a balanced state budget with reforms. To read the Governor’s Proclamation, please click HERE.

Special session lasted exactly seven minutes. That’s right – seven minutes. Those seven minutes consisted of an opening prayer, pledge of allegiance, roll call for attendance, and the reading of the Governor’s proclamation into the record – followed by immediate adjournment. If you had any doubts about the House majority’s interest in passing a balanced budget, this tells you all you need to know.

A quick point of clarification – when the Governor calls a special session, the General Assembly is bound to consider ONLY those issues which the Governor specifically identifies; in this case, “legislation, new or pending, which addresses a balanced budget and structural reforms including but not limited to property tax relief, job creation, worker’s compensation reform, government consolidation, education, term limits, pension reform and spending limitations.”

However, the Speaker of the House can call the House back into “regular session” where the majority can then do anything they want. That is exactly what has happened today. Special session adjourned after a mere seven minutes, and we are now in regular session. As I write this, a representative on the other side of the aisle is standing up to give a political speech. Pathetically, we’re not working on the budget.

More updates will follow as special session unfolds in the coming days.  Check  my website or my Facebook page, State Representative Jeanne Ives, for daily links to watch special session LIVE. We are scheduled to be back in session on Thursday at Noon. 

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