The Illinois House of Representatives returns to Springfield today. Session is scheduled to begin at 12:00pm. You can watch or listen LIVE online by visiting the Illinois General Assembly website HERE. House Committees will meet this afternoon following session.
Next Friday, April 27 is the 3rd Reading deadline for all House bills, meaning that all legislation which originated in the House of Representatives must be called by that day unless an extension is approved, typically granted to a small number of bills each year.
After that, the House is adjourned until Tuesday, May 8, from which point we will remain in session nearly every day until our scheduled adjournment on May 31, the deadline to pass a new state budget for FY 2019, which begins this summer on July 1.
To let me know what YOU think the State’s budget and spending priorities should be, please click on the CONTACT tab on the menu toolbar above or call my Springfield Office at (217) 558-1037.  I look forward to hearing your feedback.

Jeanne Ives
State Representative, 42nd District

Rep. Ives Statement at Press Conference in Harvey, Illinois
April 16, 2018

The Illinois political ruling class has been scamming people for generations into believing that math is an opinion.

Like all scams, this one is coming undone as the truth and the inexorable math can no longer be denied.


Last week, the truth of decades of scamming people to prop up Ponzi schemes caught up to the City of Harvey when officials announced their intent to layoff about half of their firefighters and police officers. 

In Illinois it appears there is nothing more important than elections. That’s why the Illinois House of Representatives has not met in over a month. The Primary Election was held on March 20, yet the politicians who control the legislative calendar saw fit to give themselves plenty of time off to campaign – and then even more time to vacation in the nearly three weeks since. Who cares about the state budget? Who cares about the crushing tax burden on Illinois families? Who cares about reforms that would increase jobs, growth and opportunity in Illinois? Judging based on the legislative calendar, apparently not the politicians in charge.  

The consequences of taking so much time off this spring means we have a condensed time period in which to hold hearings on literally hundreds of bills in committee and to pass a state budget by the end of May. This Friday, April 13 is the deadline for House bills to be heard in committee. That’s right, after taking more than a month off we’re being given one week to consider hordes of new bills, intentionally rushing them all through the legislative process. Incredibly, many committees have not held hearings at all yet this spring! Now they are expected to complete all their work in one week.