Ives: Legislative Ethics Process Must Be Reformed to Better Protect Alleged Victims

SPRINGFIELD – In response to allegations of abuse made against Representative Lou Lang at a Capitol press conference today, State Representative Jeanne Ives, R-Wheaton, is calling for the legislative ethics system to be reformed and strengthened to better protect alleged victims who come forward with claims of abuse or misconduct.

“Today we had a woman come forward, Maryann Loncar, with specific allegations of bullying, harassment and intimidation against the Deputy Majority of the Illinois House, Representative Lou Lang. The current legislative ethics process to adjudicate allegations of abusive behavior like these is clearly broken. The bottom line is, complainants need rights and deserve to have their voices heard and their allegations fully investigated. The current process does not adequately allow for that. Nor does it hold offenders fully accountable. We will never end the culture of sexual harassment and abusive behavior in state government unless and until the adjudication process is fixed. It is ironic that the self-appointed champion of the Equal Rights Amendment finds himself at the center of these latest allegations.”


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