Ives Calls For Mapes, Madigan To Step Down Over Sexual Harassment Allegations

Today, State Representative Jeanne Ives called for House Speaker Michael J. Madigan’s Chief of Staff Tim Mapes to step down over allegations of sexual harassment. Ives additionally advocates for a transparent reporting process in Springfield.

"The office of House Speaker is powerful and carries with it a great deal of responsibility. Tim Mapes, like Kevin Quinn, abused that power," said Ives.

"And it is because of Speaker Madigan’s failure to carry out the responsibility of his leadership position that we’re at this point. He failed to do his job and ensure that a Legislative Inspector General was in place and that complaints were handled in a timely manner.

“Because of his failure, numerous women have been hurt – professionally and otherwise. His own Democratic members should call for him to step down from his position as House Speaker just as Senator Ira Silverstein was removed from his leadership position in the Senate.

“Last fall, over 300 women signed a #MeToo letter. Since then women like Denise Rotheimer, Alaina Hampton, MaryAnn Loncar and now Ms. Garrett have come forward to share their stories. “These women are forced to come forward publicly because they know if they report to the Legislative Ethics Commission they will just be reporting to the same offending politicians.

“Additionally, because of Denise Rotheimer’s experience, women also know that if they report harassment in Springfield, they will have no rights as they go through the investigative process.
“The lack of accountability in state government is stunning and unacceptable.

“Leaders like Madigan, Mapes, and Lou Lang have abused their power long enough. It is time that the people of this state hold them accountable for their actions at the ballot box and by demanding a transparent reporting process in Springfield.

“We should have a system that checks the abuses of those in power. Under Speaker Madigan and Tim Mapes, however, we have a system where those in power abuse and protect each other from accountability.”


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