Watch the Illinois House of Representatives in session LIVE at Noon Today

The Illinois House of Representatives is back in session today. Session is scheduled to begin at 12:00pm. You can watch or listen LIVE online by visiting the Illinois General Assembly website HERE. Several House Committees are meeting this morning while others will convene this afternoon following session.  

The annual Fall Veto Session of the General Assembly got underway yesterday in Springfield. Governor Rauner vetoed 83 bills this year, nearly half of which passed with veto-proof majorities in both legislative chambers so we may see a significant number of overrides. 53 of those were total vetoes, but the Governor also used his amendatory veto (AV) power to rewrite 30 bills, and 21 of those were passed with enough votes to override. It’s rare for the General Assembly to accept an amendatory veto, mainly because House Speaker Michael Madigan and his allies refuse to call them for a vote, instead choosing to ignore any changes made by the Governor in favor of overriding and passing the original bill.

In 2017, the Governor vetoed less legislation, 42 bills, and used the AV on another 10. Fifteen of his total vetoes were overridden last November while just 3 of the AVs were overridden.

One significant development that came out of the first day of Veto Session on Tuesday:

House Committee Holds Hearing on Financial Fiasco at the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library Foundation

The Illinois House Tourism Committee held a hearing Tuesday to question officials from the museum foundation about their finances, including the $23 million borrowed for the 2007 purchase to obtain a collection of Lincoln and non-Lincoln artifacts. The foundation has said they will be forced to auction off some items from the collection unless the state ponies up $9 million in taxpayer funds to pay off their remaining debt.

Representative Ives has been the leading legislator in calling for public hearings and informing her colleagues and taxpayers on what’s going on from the state level. For a full recap of yesterday’s hearing and where things stand, check out these news articles:

Stay tuned for more updates from Springfield as the Fall Veto Session continues this week and the week after Thanksgiving.
Jeanne Ives

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