Today ends my six years in office as State Representative of the 42nd District located in the heart of DuPage County.  It has been an honor to serve you and advocate for not only the taxpayers in the suburbs but for the rest of the constituents in the great State of Illinois.

Today and over the next five days, a new Illinois legislature will be seated and a new administration will take over the State of Illinois.  I wish them well. 

This is my final email as a state representative. 

After six years, I leave having taken on our toughest financial problems – state pensions, local pensions, unbalanced budgets, local debt, transparency, and accountability.  There have been only minor successes and little real results other than to have raised awareness about how the political class that has been running the state for decades have failed so many of us. Illinois has some of the highest paid legislators in the nation. The most powerful political machine in the nation. Where has it gotten us?